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How to choose a local electrician

There’s a little more to choosing the right electrical contractor than just tracking someone down and throwing money at them to get the job over and done with. In fact, if you are not vigilant about who you hire or what you try to do yourself, it could easily end up burning your house down or really hurting someone. To that effect, and also to protect your own interests there are a few things you should take into account when hiring an electrician -for domestic or commercial work:

  • What sort of work is being done;
  • Whether you need an electrician in the first place;
  • Whether an electrician is licensed and registered as an electrical contractor;
  • Where the electrician is based;
  • How reliable and trustworthy the electrician is; and
  • What the electrician will charge for the job (cheap electrician).

Furthermore, it’s great to support electricians that are passionate about being an ecological business and make every effort to recycle materials such as : ferrous metals, plastic, cardboard boxes, scrap cabling, old white goods and correct disposal of fluorescent tube lighting.

Moreover, electricians who use Australian made and environmental friendly materials, safe techniques and reliable tools thus ensuring your environment and your property stays safe is recommended. The local electrician should be able to commit to the job even if it takes several days. Ongoing maintenance and  service repairs should be part of the package provided.

Note that, an electrician who takes on too many jobs at the same time would not be able to stay focused and give complete attention to each individual job.

Therefore, it is significant and certainly beneficial to ask about the level of commitment the electrician is willing to extend. A local electrician should also be aware of the Australian electrical standards and is required to apply all of them.

Engaging electrician who understands the regulations will ensure that the safety measures are kept in high regard. It will also decrease any possibility of facing fines, for work not complying with all safety rules. Extensive checks should be conducted before these electricians are assigned work.

Finding local electricians.


Your property is an important asset. Hiring an unqualified and inexperienced electrician to engage in costly and dangerous electrical work will be the last thing you want. On the other hand, you want the qualified electrician who can provide quality and safety.

Reliable – The best electricians arrive on time; never leave their customer on hold. They do not let you wait for hours or even days. They arrive at the right time, work swiftly and never overstay their welcome.

Well informed – The great electricians know the details of the trade. They can rewire, repair, install and maintain and all-in between, electricians should be self-assured of their skill.

Respectful – When you hire an electrician, you are likely to invite him to your home or office. They should treat your space and you, with the respect you deserve. This includes cleaning up when they finish your work.

Transparency – When you are obtaining a quote from an electrician, make sure everything has been taken into account. The experienced electricians should be transparent in their payment structures, with no hidden charges to prevent unpleasant surprises when your job is finished.

With all the above information in hand, it should not be a difficult task to hire the right electricians in Melbourne.

By Alen Havic | January 11th, 2019 | Electrical            
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