Benefits of LED Lighting

Benefits of LED Lighting Homeowners and business owners often ask, should we upgrade to LED downlights? The answer is YES! With energy prices rising, homeowners and businesses need to consider for savings in the lighting costs. The running cost of LED lights versus old halogen lights is significantly lower, however, there are other benefits in […]

Testing Your Safety Switch

Testing Your Safety Switch A safety switch is a device that automatically switches off the electricity supply if an electrical fault is detected. It minimises the risk of electricity-related fires, electric shocks and injuries by turning off the electricity in your home within as little as 0.3 seconds of a fault. The safety switch can […]

Local Electrician

Local Electrician How to choose a local electrician There’s a little more to choosing the right electrical contractor than just tracking someone down and throwing money at them to get the job over and done with. In fact, if you are not vigilant about who you hire or what you try to do yourself, it […]

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